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Preparation for Kriya Yoga Training

Kriya Yoga requires little in the way of steadiness, indeed the practices are so dynamic and the mind is totally involved in performing all the actions the practice itself is a practice of effortless dynamic concentration.

This is a practice for restless minds, however we do have to sit in the class and practice. Often there is pain in the legs from sitting on the floor for extended periods and the student must be prepared for that. It does help to bring a cushion and a blanket for sitting on. Also one should train daily for the class by sitting in one pose for longer and longer times. This is not as difficult as it sounds so long as mind is absorbed in some activity. Pain becomes unbearable when we focus on the pain itself and call it an obstacle.

It is possible to practice on a chair or meditation stool, however to fully stimlate the sexual energies in Mooladhara Chakra (base chakra) and direct these energies to the mind, best posture is Siddhasana with one heel pressing into Mooladhara.

If possible it would help to acquaint oneself with the names of the Kundalini Chakras and their locations in the body. This is best done by chanting the names of the Chakras and simultaneously feeling the sound vibration at that site.

Much of kriya Yoga requires breathing in both the front passage between navel and throat and in the spinal passage between base chakra and Ajna or top of the spine.

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