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Sri Yantra Workshop Mullumbimby Sunday 24 June

Knowing more about Sri Yanta: Sri Yantra is formed by nine interlocking triangles. Four triangles point upward (representing Shiva. Ie consciousness) overlapped with five downward-pointing triangles (representing Shakti ie energy). The triangles are placed within 2 concentric circles surrounded by lotus petals, which in turn are surrounded by an outer circle and enclosed in a square with 4 gates. As you enter the Sri Yantra, you transcend worldly distractions and conflicts; and are transported to inner realms of consciousness.

Ancient traditions speak of energies within the Yantras. These energies are described as Goddesses and Gods. By carefully creating and associating with the Yantra you establish a positive energy which attracts beneficial energies and removes malefic effects of karmas or planets plaguing our lives.

 Cost: Early Bird $125 after 1 May $150 Prepared canvas from $20 extra

Bring Lunch to share and own paints & brushes if possible.

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Email: rishisonline@gmail.com